I run nearly 25,000 miles around the world for charity

Worldwide — with 25,000 miles!

Extreme athletes are preparing to travel around the world at 40,075 km (that is, 24,901 miles, equal to the circumference of the Earth) to raise funds for UNICEF.

44-year-old Tomasz Drybala will spend more than three years on his goals.

Poles, who have lived in London for 21 years, run from London to Athens, from Cairo to Kuwait City, from Indonesia to Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and from the west coast to the east coast of the United States. Finish in New York in Los Angeles.

“There’s a lot of equipment behind us, and there’s a break of up to four weeks between stages (Europe-Arabia, Arabia-Asia, Asia-US),” he said. Daily mail.. “It’s not a continuous practice. It’s impossible to do so. It takes time to reorganize efforts and transport all equipment to new locations.”

He was planning to fly to each new starting line and planned a regular trip back to London to meet his two sons.

“My body needs time to recover. London has two sons and they need a father. We plan weekend breaks every three weeks and every six months I’m taking a break to meet my boy. “

Tomasz Drybala is an extreme runner
The 44-year-old athlete stops halfway to raise money for UNICEF and work with local businesses and communities.
Instagram / @ tomasz_drybala

He intends to raise funds for UNICEF’s Ukrainian crisis appeal.

“I can’t imagine being the father of two sons and not being able to see them. To the Ukrainian father, we were the son and daughter while they were fighting for land for their home. I want you to know that you are taking care of it, “he said. News & Stars..

“Being able to support and raise money for critical care services is my passion for two reasons: First, build a trauma-based community and support child protection and education. Second, part of my family lives in Lviv, Ukraine, and is directly influenced by the events I watch on TV. “

Driver La will stay in a series of hotels before joining the support crew in the caravan at the end of October 2022, resting on the road and saving money.

Keynote speakers and meditation coaches fund his journey through savings and sponsorship as he records his journey Instagram.. He plans to work with local communities and businesses along the way to inform them about the childhood trauma he has suffered.

“I’m not going to break the world record. I’m running with a message and building a traumatic community along the running route. The journey is rewarding in itself,” Drybala said. Told Daily Mail.

He trains about 40 km (about 25 miles) a day and up to 56 km (35 miles) of running across the UK.

“I do these things myself. I run in my backpack, and I run from hotel to hotel,” he explained. “One day I ran 56km. I ran 40km uphill, but the last 16km was downhill. I ran out of water twice. It was pretty difficult.”

Tomasz Drybala started running to improve mental health in 2018
Dry Bala begins by staying at the hotel before staying on the road with a full-time support crew in the caravan.
Instagram / @ tomasz_drybala

“I’m slowly increasing my distance every week. Currently, I run about 50 km (31 miles) a day. I run 300 km (186 miles) a week and about 1,350 km (838 miles) a month. I can run on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. “

Drybra started long-distance running in 2018 as a way to improve mental health after divorcing and losing business.

“I had to do something myself and decided to start training for a big task,” he said.

He completed his first challenge in 2019 when he walked 5 million steps in 100 days. He stepped up and was exercising 12-14 hours a day by the end of the challenge.

He then tried to travel 11,000 km (6,835 miles) from Hanoi, Vietnam to Bali, Indonesia, but the COVID pandemic blocked the world and forced him to change his plans.

Dry Bra is set to embark on his latest challenge in August and hopes to finish his amazing World Marathon work by the end of 2025.

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