‘I have to face Bron tonight’ – Mario Chalmers believes Michael Jordan created more fear than LeBron James

The GOAT controversy between Michael Jordan and LeBron James went from strength to strength after “King James” became the all-time leading scorer in NBA history. Some fans who had crossed the line on the issue came to join James’ legion of fans after the historic feat.

Mario Chalmers, who played four years with James in Miami, has a different take on conversations with the greatest player of all time.

“No one fears the source [James]No one says, “Damn, I have to play Bronn tonight.” no one said that. i don’t know why? Because you actually see people in line being scared. But they’re not afraid to think about that matchup.

“So when someone is afraid of a player, they’re already saying something different. Jordan is just that guy. It was all about ‘I want to be like Mike.'”

Mario Chalmers has played a key role as part of the Miami Heat team, winning back-to-back NBA titles as they won four straight titles. When the 19x All-Star was at the peak of his physical ability, he played with LeBron his James.

James and Dwyane Wade have taken the former Kansas Jayhawks superstar under their wing. During Miami’s dominant run, Chalmers bore the brunt of James and Wade’s guidance and criticism. Chalmers saw his four-time MVP have the most physical advantage.

Chalmers claim would at least surprise legions of fans of the injured current LA Lakers superstar. I believe that it was something that could not be imitated during the peak of

Shaquille O’Neal Makes Same Claim As Mario Chalmers That Nobody’s Afraid Of LeBron James

Mario Chalmers wasn’t the only one who thought LeBron James’ former teammate and self-proclaimed greatest player was less feared than Michael Jordan. Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal expressed the same opinion as Chalmers.

Speaking on how NBA players view “King James,” Shaq said:

“LeBron is my man, but no one was scared of LeBron. He’s a dangerous man. I’ve seen him play against them, so I know they weren’t scared.”

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Over the past few years, it’s not James that opposing players have the proper fear of. Shaq added:

“They’re afraid of Giannis now. They’re afraid of Giannis because when he comes down the lane full of courts, they can see his face. They’re like, yo this. You can see the man not playing.”

The biggest controversy in history involving LeBron James and Michael Jordan has never been fully resolved. increase.

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