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Hypothesis Ζακ Κωστόπουλου: Εισαγγελική προστήσεις να περισσότε φυλακή ο μεσίτης

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The Ζth Criminal Court judgment of Αρείου Πάγου Πάγου is expected within the next month. This conclusively determines the question of acquittal of agent Αθανάσιου Υορτάρια. Ανώτατο Κοινικό Court process, ο αντεισαγγελέας της έδρας προτεινε να για δεκητή η περισόηση ανερίσευκστη απερισστηση ανερίσευκστη αποφκστη
In particular, Αθανάσιος Κορταριάς appeared today in Αρειο Πάγο with his two counselors Ioannη Γλύκα and Ορφέα Φίλο.
Specifically, I. Referring to his action, επεσήμανετοι «έστηταιναγιρείε versus στηφυλακήκαικα versus δικ na τησηαλτρουισμ Pirocida»
As is known, Athanasios Hortarius was sentenced to ten years in prison for causing bodily harm in the first instance, but two months after being sentenced, his request for a reprieve was granted and he was sentenced. was released from prison because of He is subject to strict conditions of not leaving the country, and once a month he turns himself in to the local police station where he lives.
However, the decision to disqualify the agent (for a suspended sentence) prompted the intervention of Evdokias Poulou, Attorney General of the Court of Appeals. Necessary special and comprehensive etiology».Πηγή: ΑΠΕ

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