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How to use health insurance to maintain your health and well-being

published to August 16, 2018

Health insurance isn’t just for sickness. You can use it to maintain your health. Understanding how coverage works before you need care will make it easier to deal with when you get sick.

Always have free insurance benefits available

  • obtain preventive serviceswhether it’s a flu shot or a depression screen, it’s perfect for you.
  • A proactive approach to preventive care can prevent illnesses, illnesses, and other health problems, or detect illness in its early stages, when treatment is likely to be most effective.
  • These services are free when provided by a doctor or other provider within the plan’s network.

Find a doctor you can trust, even if you don’t need treatment right now

  • Taking the time to find a doctor you trust when you’re feeling well can help reduce stress when you’re sick.
  • You will typically pay less if: Choose a doctor in our networkVisit your health insurance website and check the provider directory to see who is on the network.

Know the cost of care before you need it

  • It’s important to know which services in your plan are not covered by health insurance.
  • Some plans only charge copays for primary care visits before meeting the deductible. Some even offer discounts on medicines, including generics.
  • Knowing your costs up front can prevent the stress of unexpected costs later.

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