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How to stay healthy with Marketplace health insurance

published to September 8, 2016

Having health insurance is an important first step towards better health and well-being. If you have insurance, follow these simple tips to get the most out of your Marketplace health insurance plan and stay healthy all year long.

3 tips to get healthy

  1. Practice preventative care. Staying healthy increases your chances of staying with family and friends for years to come.Please use Free preventive service It comes with Marketplace plans and allows you to take recommended health checks.
  2. Understand which providers your health insurance covers and where to get treatment. Some plan types have access to nearly any doctor or medical facility. Other providers limit your choices or charge more when using providers outside their network.
  3. Find a doctor you trust. Choosing the right provider is one of the most important decisions you make when it comes to healthcare, and finding the right provider can be a little tricky.

For more information on using health insurance and promoting wellness, please visit: Compensation Roadmap (PDF).

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