How to get things done when you don’t want to do anything

But when it comes to writing, competition puts stress on me. My inner soliloquy is a mean aerobics instructor who says things like “You are lazy and ungrateful!” And “If you don’t finish this story, you won’t work again!”

This doesn’t help.Treating yourself with compassion works much more effectively than defeating yourself, he said. Kristin Neff, Associate Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. “People think they will act in shame.” Still, self-compassion helps people stay. Focused on their goalsReduction Fear of failure She said she can increase her self-confidence and motivation.

To get started, Dr. Neff suggested Pause to ask yourself what you need. Maybe it’s time to refocus on your goals or you’ll find that you’re ready to seek external support. From time to time, you simply admit that you are struggling and that this is a normal part of your life.

Self-compassion does not mean that you will be soft or lose your drive, Dr. Neff said. Her new book, Fierce Self-Compassion: How Women Use Kindness to Speak, Insist, and Prosper, is highlighted. University student research Those who did not succeed in a rewarding vocabulary test. Students who were compassionately directed to themselves after the test studied longer and performed better on the follow-up test than they did without simple self-esteem-boosting comments and instructions.

“The key to self-compassion and motivation is that you can learn from your mistakes,” he said. Neff said.

And I had a lot of mistakes to learn, so I tried self-compassion in the morning run. What did you need? First, increase exercise and sleep. I was able to consider a new approach to this story and seek advice from some of my colleagues. Then I realized that I really had to: pay attention.

I looked around. At dawn, I wasn’t alone: ​​I saw a dog walker, a maintenance worker, a commuter, and a person pulling up a mask. I imagined hospitals and family members starting a new day, whether they feel good or not. The idea that we all try, fail, and try again took me to the end of the run and the end of this story. And if you’re still reading, you’ve found enough motivation to come here too.

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