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How to “Adjust” Premium Tax Credits for 2019 Taxes

published to February 27, 2020

You must file your 2019 federal income tax returns by April 15, 2020. If you had a Marketplace plan in 2019 and used

To reduce your monthly payment, you will need to “adjust” your tax return.

Through “Adjustment” you can see if there is a difference between the premium tax credit you used and the amount you are entitled to. Any difference between the two numbers will affect refunds or unpaid taxes.

How to “Adjust” the Premium Tax Credit for 2019 Taxes:

  1. your Form 1095-A, to verify its accuracy. If not, check your Marketplace account online.If it’s not there, try call center. See how to make sure your information is correct.
  2. Print Form 8962 (PDF, 112 KB) and instructions (PDF, 356KB).
  3. Complete Part II of Form 8962 using the information from Form 1095-A. See this table as a guide.

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