How much does Dan Hurley earn? UConn Head Coach Contract Breakdown

The UConn Huskies advanced to the first round of March Madness with an 87-63 win over Iona. This convincing win is a statement for the programme, as they face St. Mary’s in the Round of 32.

At the heart of this victory was the leadership of coach Dan Hurley. He has been with the Huskies since his 2018 and led the program to his 97-55 record. This was his third straight season that UConn has entered the NCAA Tournament, and the program has rewarded Hurley by giving him a recent extension.

After the game, Rick Pitino told Dan Hurley in the hallway, “Win it all. Take it home. You need a team to do it.”

The 50-year-old is currently locked into the 2027 season and is set to make $2.9 million a year. His original contract valued him at $2.75 million per season, so this got him a raise, and the school says it’s their way of commitment. It also holds some protections to prevent Harley’s exit and incentives if the program hits certain benchmarks.

If the coach retires before April 1, 2022, he will owe the school $10 million. If he leaves by April 2023, he will have to pay $6 million. This goes to $4.5 million by April 2024, $3.5 million by April 2025, and $2 million by April 2026. The point is, it was designed to make it clear that UConn wants him in the long run.

How did Dan Hurley end up at UConn?

Dan Hurley’s success dates back to before he enrolled at the University of Connecticut. He spent his five seasons as a player at St. Paul’s College before starting his coaching career as an assistant his coach at St. Paul’s College. Anthony High School and Rutgers University.

He then made a name for himself by ruling St. Louis. Benedict Preparatory School where he coached from 2001 to 2010. Hurley completely changed the culture and made the program one of the nation’s top basketball schools.

He then jumped into college and got a job at Wagner College. He finished his second season with a record of 25 wins and 6 losses and got the chance to get a job at the University of Rhode Island.

Hurley also had a significant impact on building that basketball program as head coach for six years. After the program won him 113-82 in 2017 and he made it to the NCAA Tournament in 2018 (every appearance he won in the first round), he attracted the attention of large schools. rice field. Harley accepted the job in Connecticut, despite a massive contract extension offer from his.

While he’s signed to UConn for the next few years, Dan Hurley will be a notable name with the potential to move further up the basketball coaching ranks.

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