How did you know that you need to quit Instagram

I wrote Detailed description of my struggle And I shared it with my followers along with my plans. From my experience with alcohol, I knew that public accountability was important. I also knew I had to go to a cold turkey. Moderation not only required a lot of energy, but also failed every time.

In the months that followed, I felt more free, lighter, and more focused than ever before. I did whatever I was doing without forcing capture, packaging, and sharing. I’m anxious, so I was still anxious, but I wasn’t suffocating. Yes, I was more productive, but most incredibly, I was actually with the people in front of me.

I was also interested. What was so destructive to me specifically about Instagram?

Whenever I use social media, I find myself chasing unattainable goals.

When the post went well, or when I got a lot of followers, I felt good for a minute, but I also felt the pressure to start over again soon. When something was negatively perceived or lost, I felt anxious and forced to “fix” it. Over time, I made hundreds of small tweaks to the way and content to share and edited myself for best results. However, there were no “best” results. No matter what I do, I don’t have enough followers, enough approval, and enough success. The more you post, the less you feel like you really are.

That way, it’s very similar to alcohol, and drinking has become fundamentally dishonest — the person I was drinking It presents a false front to the world.

Anna Lembke MD, Medical Director at Stanford University, said: In a recent interview with my podcast, the author of Addiction Medicine and “Dopamine Nation”. “This causes so much anxiety and discomfort, and it’s a really dangerous place.”

We are motivated in countless ways to establish a false self on social media, but then we lose something important: the ability to experience life here now. And “here and now” is the place where the true self lives.

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