How Adobe and Salesforce are fine-tuning their customer experience tools

Figma acquisition and Genie launch attack problem from another angle

it was a big Two major players in the marketing tools space are swinging to take their ideas to the next level. Combining these two movements will bring the customer experience closer to reality after a long-term ambition.

“Customer Experience” like a vague conceptThe idea is that you want your customers to feel better every time they interact with you, whether in person or online. Sometimes it’s more subtle than floating around or having success online. Design is important.

Given all the data about customers these days, it seems like businesses need to do a better job of creating positive experiences. In fact, companies like Adobe and Salesforce collect far too much data from too many sources. Created a customer data platform (or CDP for short) to pull all that data into one place The goal of providing an optimal customer experience It is based on the knowledge we have gathered about our customers.

The two largest companies involved in collecting and using this data are Salesforce and Adobe. Adobe doesn’t have a CRM, but it does have marketing tools. Acquired Figma for $20 billion It’s all about designing great products, which should ultimately lead to a better customer experience.

At the same time, at Dreamforce, Salesforce’s annual customer conference in San Francisco this week, the CRM giant announced: A new approach to data integration On a platform called Genie. It works in conjunction with the tool’s own platform and external partners such as: snowflake When Amazonthe ultimate goal is to use the vast amount of customer data to create the best possible customer experience when needed.

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