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Home Seeks 400 Animals After Court Closes Eersel Dog Breeder

Ethel’s dog breeder in North Brabant has to find homes for about 400 dogs after a court in East Brabant shuts down the business. A judge has ruled that dog breeding violates the zoning plan, reports Omroep Brabant.

Breeders currently have about 400 dogs. The court gave him his six weeks to move them back home.

The owner argued in court that the dog breeding did not violate a zoning plan that allowed “agricultural businesses and agricultural technical assistance businesses” on the premises. The zoning plan does not include breeding dogs. The court ruled in favor of the municipality.

The dog’s breeder was recently discredited by the Dutch Food and Consumer Products Safety Authority (NVWA) and the local animal welfare organization House of Animals. The NVWA found in the field that too many dogs were stressed and confined in dirty pens. The House of Animals called the breeder an “illegal puppy mill” after visiting the site earlier this month.

A House of Animals is “pleasantly surprised” by the swift ruling, a spokesperson told Omrope Brabant. It would be a shame to have to stay there any longer.” She hopes the NVWA will take care of the dog soon. She also suggested letting the dog stay on site until it found a home, but under someone else’s care.

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