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Hollywood Insider Explains Oscar 2023’s Most Shocking Nominations

Hollywood insider Dani Weinstein details Andrea Riseborough’s Oscar-nominated campaign for To Leslie.

Hollywood insider and veteran marketing executive, Dani Weinstein, explains why Andrea Riseborough won an amazing Best Actress nomination. to Leslie performance. Filmed in just her 19 days at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, this tiny indie film is a fresh start as she battles alcoholism, drug addiction, and the ongoing trauma of her troubled past. It follows Leslie’s portrayal of Riseborough, a woman about to cut a haircut. Despite being overwhelmingly positively received by critics, the film remained largely unknown to the public until a recent wave of endorsement from a number of high-profile celebrities. The film grossed just her $30,000 at the U.S. box office, and she won Best Actress at The Independent’s Her Spirit Awards, but she’s not at any other film awards ceremony this year. Not included.

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Join Matt Belloni ringer Podcast Marketing expert Dani Weinstein explains the campaign that led to its success. Andrea Riseborough nominated for Best Actress for to Leslie at the Academy about the importance of “Grassroots effort” When securing the nomination, Weinstein will unleash strategic efforts from the Riseborough team and her A-list backers to influence Academy nominations in favor of the prolific British actor.Wine See Mr. Stein’s statement below.

“From an awards standpoint, I’ll let you know if I host a screening… [when you say] Can you host a screening so their friends can come over. Can they moderate a Q&A with me?” I think Kate Winslet made it for her. Get that level of recognizable people willing to host a screening for you, moderate a panel for you, or simply be out there and saying “I saw this” In fact, that’s an impressive amount of word of mouth.”

To Andrea Riseborough in Leslie Films

As Weinstein explained, when it comes to award shows, culturally significant as Oscar, there are often complex, multi-month campaigns similar to those of politicians to secure nominations for films and actors. There are certain tactics commonly practiced by the now infamous producer Harvey Weinstein throughout his 1990s that are still employed in award campaigns. than those left solely in the hands of voting bodies, free from outside influence. Riseborough’s electrifying performance in the first place earned her many high-profile followings, but it was the collective efforts of some influential people in the film industry that earned her a Best Actress nomination. .

Actors now make up the largest branch of voters at the Academy, so it’s no surprise that Riseborough’s Hollywood peers had such a powerful influence on her nomination potential.Cate Blanchett and nominated for Best Actress in tar, was quick to mention Riseborough’s performance while accepting the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Actress earlier this month.Meanwhile, beloved actors Kate Winslet and Amy Adams used their star power to support to Leslie By moderating a virtual Q&A with Riseborough. Charlize Theron, Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, Courteney Cox, Edward Norton, and Minnie Driver have all hosted film screenings and invited some of their most influential industry friends to join them in Riseborough’s inspiring Experience the performance and the film gave it the recognition it needed for Academy consideration.

Given the globalization of the Academy in recent years, perhaps the greatest influence celebrities had on the Riseborough campaign was through social media. Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Sally Field, Liam Neeson, Jane Fonda, Laura Dern is one of them. A unique campaign that uses significant online followers to promote movies. to Leslie It arguably rewrote the rules of future Academy Award nominations forever, giving small-budget independent films the greatest chance of widespread recognition and elite acclaim.

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