Hilary Duff recreates 14-year-old viral anti-bullying PSA

In a video shared by her tick tock Page, she’s with Pentatonix singer Scott Hoying and his fiancée, Marc Manio. I play a teenager trying on tops in a clothing store.

“Do you like this top?” Hoying asks. “It’s very gay,” Manio replied, adding, “Yeah, it’s totally gay.”

Duff then interrupts to tell you that’s not how the word is used.

“You know, you really shouldn’t say that.

“What?” Hoying asks.

Duff continues:

“But cute jeans,” she adds.

Duff then asked viewers, “When you say, ‘That’s so gay,’ do you realize what you’re saying? Knock it off.”

The original PSA went viral in 2008. Duff filmed a campaign for his Gay, Lesbian and Straight His Education Network (GLSEN) to educate people about the use of the phrase.

See original PSA gentleman.

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