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High demand for chips saw ASML profit 5.6 billion euros last year

2022 has been a great year for Dutch chip machine manufacturer ASML due to high global demand for chips. Veldhoven recorded his €5.6 billion profit. Despite economic and geopolitical uncertainties, ASML expects his 2023 sales to increase by more than 25% over last year.

“2022 was another strong year for ASML, with annual net sales of €21.2 billion, a gross margin of 50.5% and a record order backlog of €40.4 billion at the end of 2022,” said Peter. CEO Wenning said in a letter. Explanation Or number of years.

Inflation, rising interest rates and the risk of a recession have all caused market uncertainty. But perhaps the biggest problem looming over ASML is rising geopolitical tensions between the US and China.

The US wants to maintain its technological superiority over China, and therefore its military power, and intends to ban the sale of ASML to China. ASML has already stopped selling its latest equipment, his EUV, extreme ultraviolet, to China, but the US also wants to ban the company from selling older chip equipment to the country.

prime minister mark Rutte discussed the matter Last week, with U.S. President Joe Biden. After the meeting, Rutte said he hoped the debate would “reach a good outcome”, but he did not intend to commit to a ban. It’s a balancing act between preventing it from being used and keeping the value chain less disrupted, with associated economic implications.

Despite these uncertainties, ASML expects another good year with “continued strong growth” and a slight improvement in gross margin compared to 2022. Demand for our system remains strong given the order lead times and the strategic nature of lithography investments,” he said.

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