Here’s what Republicans have to offer when they retake the House

When you’re shopping for groceries or paying your electric bill, you might be wondering, “Is this all right?” Millions of Americans are asking that question as Democrats’ reckless government spending has sparked record inflation and plunged us into a recession.

Watching local news can make your community feel less safe. You are not alone.under Biden administrationwe experienced one of the deadliest years in violent crime and drug overdoses.

Just as we see the rule of law crumbling in our cities, we are seeing it crumbling at our borders. This week, President Joe Biden broke the record for the most illegal border crossings in a fiscal year, with more than two million encounters at the southern border in 11 months.

And the prospect of your children falling further behind in school is heartbreaking. rice field.

The White House and the Democratic Majority meeting control Washington. Here is their record. But they are not going to fix it.

But Republicans are planning a new direction to get our nation on track. It’s called Commitment to America.

House Republicans are committed to building a strong economy so they can feed their families and heat their homes without breaking the bank. and stop wasteful spending in Washington. Increased national debt.

Under President Biden, the US border recorded more than 2 million illegal border crossings in 11 months.
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It is also a priority to cut the oil and gas permitting process time in half, reduce energy costs, and create high-paying jobs by unlocking reliable, plentiful American-made energy. It will also modernize outdated regulations, expand American manufacturing, strengthen the supply chain, and end dependence on China for critical commodities.

Of course, there can be no lasting prosperity without security. Illegal immigration and drugs under the Biden administration that closed every city into a border city by closing catch-and-release loopholes, investing in effective border enforcement, and deploying technology to secure the southern border stop the endless flow of

To reduce crime, we will support 200,000 new law enforcement officers through hiring bonuses, permanently criminalize illegal fentanyl, and crack down on vulnerable prosecutors. If a woke district attorney doesn’t do their job, they don’t deserve another dime of federal money.

gas pump
If successful in the midterm elections, House Republicans plan to enact measures to help Americans’ wallets in the pump.

As we strive for a safe nation with a strong economy, we want a future built on freedom, a future where our children come first and our constitutional rights are protected. Advancing the Parent Bill of Rights to achieve true transparency and accountability, restore learning losses due to school closures, and ensure that only biological women are allowed to participate in girls’ and women’s sport. to protect equity in athletics and expand school choice to more than 1 million people. More children can attend schools that parents know are right for them. America’s future depends on excellence in education and respect for dedicated parents and teachers.

Finally, Republicans offer accountable government without politicians acting according to a different set of rules. Commitment to America 90% of House Democrats get paid without having to go to work, starting with an end to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s abuse of power through proxy voting, advocating for policies to restore voter confidence in Congress made it possible.

It also restores the House of Representatives as a check against the Biden administration’s incompetence and abuse of power by strong oversight. These include the politicization of science that has driven government-mandated lockdowns and school closures, the weaponization of the Justice Department, the failed withdrawal from Afghanistan that has spawned 13 new Gold Star families, and potential conflict. I have. of interests relating to the business dealings of the President’s family;

House Republicans can put our nation on track for long-term success by taking action every day to achieve a strong economy, a safe nation, a future based on freedom, and an accountable government. .

This is our commitment to America. And with Congress restored to the American people, we will do everything in our power to make it happen.

Kevin McCarthy is the leader of the House Republican Party.

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