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Here’s how to use your new health insurance throughout the year, regardless of your circumstances.

published to January 30, 2020

Health insurance pays for the services of health care providers, prescriptions, hospital treatment, and special equipment when you are sick. It’s important even when you’re not sick. Now that you have health insurance for 2020, here’s how you can use your new coverage throughout the year, regardless of your circumstances.

Understand and use your new coverage

  • Preventive health: Most policies include free vaccinations for children and adults, annual visits for women and seniors, and obesity screening and counseling for people of all ages.
  • prescription: Health insurance can help pay for certain prescriptions. You may be able to purchase other drugs, but the ones on the plan’s “formulary” (approved list) are usually cheaper. To see what prescriptions are covered by the new Marketplace plans, visit the insurance company’s website, call him directly, or Overview of benefits and coverage.
  • Routine and urgent care: Most health plans offer the best deals when you see a doctor with whom you have a health insurance policy. You may be able to see a doctor who isn’t on your plan, but visiting an “in-network” provider usually costs less out-of-pocket. However, in an emergency, you can get treatment at the nearest hospital.

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