“Heather has two moms” is still relevant after 30 years (released in 2020)

Shortly before she was two years old, Marty, the only child of queer’s parents in day care, began asking after her “father” in various repetitions. “Who is my dad? Where is my dad? I want a dad.” It was painful because my partner and I could only compete with “you have two moms”. .. (How else would you describe the complex sequence of events that led to the creation of our family?)

At that time, I remembered that there was a copy of the 2015 version of “Heather” on the bookshelf I had placed a few years ago. Every time I visited the page “And Heather has two moms,” Marty turned to us and said, “And I have two moms!” At the end of the book is an illustration of a happy family walking towards the setting sun. As a result, Marty has recently begun to verbally superimpose each member of the family on the characters in the book. “It’s me, it’s Mama Steph, it’s Mama Sabbie, and it’s mode [our cat]She said. Newman shared a similar anecdote, revoking the word “Heather” and talking about the boy who wrote his name in pencil throughout the book.

Dr. Gayle E. Pitman, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at the University of Sacramento City, California, and author of an LGBT-themed book designed for children.This day in June“”Sew a rainbow” When “Stonewall Rebellion: Coming Out on the StreetI explained. He explained why seeing yourself rendered in a story is not only a verification, but an integral part of your creation. “Psychology and sociology have a concept called symbolic extinction, which is basically non-existent if you are not represented or reflected in society or the media (television, movies, books). “Pittman said. .. “That’s why it’s so important to include LGBT expressions in children’s books.”

The goal is not necessarily assimilation or normalization, he said. Abbey Goldberg, Ph.D. A professor of psychology at Clark University and a pioneering scholar in the LGBT family, he affirms his worth. “Is our family worth it? The lack of a representative indicates that you are worthless or worthless,” she said.

Doctor when she covers a book in her class today. Goldberg students are confused by the controversy it has caused. “They are stunned at me. They are just like,’This is the most vanilla book. What was the big deal? I don’t know,” she said.

“Many people still think that a family with two mothers and two fathers shouldn’t raise children,” Newman said, which may be the case in a more academic environment. Recently she was asked to talk about her new book at a school in New York City.Gittel’s Journey: The Story of Ellis Island, “Based on the migration of her family to the United States in the early 1900s. “When they noticed, I was the author of Heather Has Two Mommies.,“They disappointed me,” she said.

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