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Health Insurance Options for New Graduates

published to May 10, 2018

Congratulations on your graduation! Whether you’re starting a new job or planning your next move, you have health insurance options. Getting insurance may be easier than you think.

Three Health Insurance Options for New Graduates

  • Purchase a Marketplace plan. If you have a life event, you may be eligible for Marketplace health insurance for the remainder of 2018. For example, moving to or dropping out of school, or losing other health insurance (such as canceling a student plan or your parents’ insurance). ) — it qualifies you Special admission period.
  • If you’re under 26, stay or add to your parents’ plan. If your parent’s health insurance plan covers dependents, you can usually be added to their plan and continue to have coverage until you turn 26. go along with one’s parent’s plans.
  • Get Medicaid if you qualify. If you are not earning much money, such as working part-time or starting a business, MedicaidIf you qualify, coverage can begin immediately any time of the year.

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