‘He failed to own a team’ – NBA analyst downplays Michael Jordan’s business acumen, compares him to four-time NBA champion

Michael Jordan is one of the most successful players to play at the NBA level. Throughout his illustrious career as a player, Jordan never lost when it came to his NBA Finals play.

His ability as an NBA owner hasn’t delivered the same success. In 2006, Jordan became co-owner of the Charlotte He Hornets He Organization. At the time, the Hornets were known as the “Bobcats”. Four years later, Jordan increased his stake and became a majority owner of the Hornets.

Throughout his playing career, MJ was known as one of the most ruthless players in the league. Unfortunately for Jordan, his competitiveness hasn’t created an advantage when it comes to off-court success.

On Fox Sports Radio, Cowherd spoke about how Michael Jordan’s time as owner was a failure. Did. That was before he said that the same mindset cannot make a successful owner.

Cowherd also compared Jordan to LA Lakers superstars lebron jamesJames says he makes everyone who plays with him better than Jordan.

“The best owners, the best coaches, and the best executives are all about promoting others…Michael is good at promoting Michael,” Cowherd said.

“But LeBron… that’s where the two aren’t even close. Anyone who plays with him is better than anyone.”

🔊@ColinCowherd: “The best owners, the best coaches, the best executives are trying to elevate others…Michael Jordan is good at elevating Michael Jordan…”

Michael Jordan reportedly considering selling majority stake in Charlotte Hornets

Michael Jordan is looking to sell his ownership of the Charlotte Hornets.
Michael Jordan is looking to sell his ownership of the Charlotte Hornets.

Writings about Michael Jordan’s time as an NBA owner seem to have hung on the wall for years.

For years, Jordan and the Charlotte Hornets have tried to get the Charlotte Hornets back on track. However, the Hornets continue to take the next step in their rebuilding process.

NBA Insider ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported. Jordan is in “serious negotiations” to sell a majority stake to a group led by Hornets minority shareholder Gabe Plotkin. Atlanta Hawks Minority shareholder Rick Schnall will also join the group.

ESPN Source: Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan is in serious talks to sell a majority stake in the franchise to a group led by Hornets minority shareholders Gabe Plotkin and Atlanta Hawks minority shareholders Rick Shunall. It is working.

According to Wojnarowski, Jordan still intends to have a minority stake in the Hornets. For Jordan, one of the best players to ever compete at the NBA level, his time as an owner was the exact opposite.

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