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Harrison Ford’s Thunderbolt Ross Transforms into Red Hulk in MCU Fan Art

Harrison Ford’s General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross transforms into his Red Hulk form in a new piece of fanart for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

new work of Captain America: New World Order Fan art imagines Harrison Ford’s General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross becoming Red Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was my first MCU debut. Incredible HulkAlthough it would take another eight years for the character to return to the MCU. Captain America: Civil WarHart’s General Ross quickly became an integral part of the franchise’s narrative following the introduction and subsequent repeal of the Sokovia Accords. It was later announced that veteran Ford would take over the Phase 5 role. Captain America: New World Order.

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Marvell’s decision to Continue the character of General RossKevin Feige seems to be working on presenting what Red Hulk looks like from the comics. New fan art from the artist. 21×4 Imagine what Ford’s version of the Red Hulk would look like if this ever happened.

This latest piece of art is heating up following a false fan theory that Red Hulk was making his MCU debut last year. She-Hulk: Lawyer Disney+ series. Such an appearance never actually happened, but in Episode 8, Jennifer Walters directly referenced a fan call for the character to join the franchise.

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When will the MCU introduce General Ross as Red Hulk?

Split image: General Ross (William Hurt) looks worried. Comic book Red Hulk screams in anger. Harrison Ford as Deckard Shaw in Blade Runner 2049

Marvel’s decision to replace Hart with Ford It clearly shows that his character has big plans moving forward. Rather than write General Ross out of the franchise, Feige and his team chose to replace the original actor with one of the biggest Hollywood stars alive today. A long-awaited transformation into Red Hulk is imminent, which lends itself to the idea that it’s likely to happen sometime during the franchise’s Phase 5 slate.

Ford’s first MCU appearance as Ross is currently set to take place next year Captain America: New World Orderit’s logical to expect his first transformation to occur sometime during the events of that film. tim blake nelsons the leader Already confirmed as the film’s main antagonist, Captain America: New World Order We might be too busy already to announce such a game-changing character. It’s not out of the question to clarify.

The next most logical place for Ford’s Ross to appear as Red Hulk is thunderbolt, which is also scheduled for release in 2024. General Ross is frequently associated with iterations of his team as the Red Hulk in the comics, so it makes sense that his transformation would take place during this particular franchise outing.event of Captain America: New World Order It could even potentially lead directly to him Introduction as Red Hulk, in the first place the leader is the one who is ultimately responsible for his transformation. However, every time it happens, audiences are left wanting to know if Ford can actually hulk out in the MCU’s next exciting phase.

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sauce: 21×4/Instagram

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