Hand-painted ‘Alice in Wonderland’ bar pop-up opens in New York

This exhibit is getting more and more intriguing.

New York’s new Art Experience and Bar promises to send guests down the rabbit hole with its 26,000-square-foot display.

From the production company Catching Flight 2018 pop-up Rose Mansion, artist Alexa Mead is coming.”Wonderland Dreams, A photogenic “journey” through the vast midtown space where the scenery with the theme of “Alice in Wonderland” is gently decorated from floor to ceiling. There are 30 rooms in all, many decorated with interactive props such as crowns of roses, knightly helmets and small teacups.

In a clip shared with the press from a VIP preview ahead of Friday’s opening, architect Bjarke Ingels is seen in one of the rooms attempting to build a structure with oversized tramps, which will be built on three floors before collapsing. has reached the height of The public is now invited to build buildings even taller than him.

Over 1,365 gallons of paint were required to create Wonderland Dreams.
Wonderland Dreams Alexa Meade
The show is spread over 26,000 square feet.
Wonderland Dreams Alexa Meade
Tickets are $36 on weekdays and $46 on weekends.
Elizabeth Acevedo @elizabesque
Wonderland Dreams Alexa Meade
Many rooms have interactive elements.
Wonderland Dreams Alexa Mead
The bar and cafe on the 1st floor are open to the general public.
Phoebe Lucienne
Wonderland Dreams Alexa Mead
There are 30 fun rooms in total.

About how this exhibit stands out among other exhibits photogenic Event spaces are currently competing for New Yorkers’ time and attention, but Mead told the Post that “Wonderland Dreams” is “a real art exhibition hand-painted with over 1,365 gallons of paint” and many others as well. It is different from the exhibited product for sale.In many cases projected visual.

“When you step inside, you literally enter the painting and become part of the art itself. “It was really important to me,” she continued. Because occupying space is still rare.”

There’s also a gift shop featuring “part of the immersive experience you can take home” and “one-of-a-kind creations” by Mead.

The ground floor cafe and bar is open to the public and offers an extensive menu of wines, beers and non-alcoholic cocktails with a focus on women-owned producers. There are also themed small plates and snacks.

Wonderland Dreams opens at 529 5th Ave. Until April 2023. Timed admission tickets to shows for all ages are available 7 days a week for $36 Monday through Friday and $46 Friday through Sunday. Children under 3 years old are free.

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