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H ΠτΔ ξεναγήτηση στην Πάραραστης για την Ελληνικά πόλικατοική

Ο Νίκος Βατόπουλος της «Κ» ξεναγεί την Πρόεδρο.

It is no exaggeration to say that this is an exhibition that “accommodates” everyone. His Τοαφιέρωμα titled «Πολυκατοική», which will be unveiled in his two ισόγειους spaces in Ελληνικοαμερικάνικής Ενοσηση at the end of November, has attracted thousands of visitors due to its delicate subject matter. We can love or hate this social “Βαβέλ”. We want to condemn or strip it, as if we were talking about where we live and breathe. It is our everyday “theater roof”. And just as there is a symbiosis of people with various social, cultural, and geographical backgrounds within that wall, the exhibition will include school students, the elderly, architects, urban planners, and philosophers. , aspiring Athenian philosophers, etc., brought together a completely different category of people. Learn more about the most popular обедебайко κέλυφος στην πόλη, που κοντεύει να κλέσει τα 100 χρνονι έσσασημος here.

H ΠτΔ ξεναγήτηση στην Παραράσταση για την ελληνικά πολικατοική-1
From the exhibition Εργο του Βασίλη Καρακατσάνη.

Προχθές παραστήσεις το κατώφλι της Ελληνικοαμερικάνικης Ενοσησία και η Περιστή της Διμόκρατης. 入り口では、行政評議会の議長、Λεωνίδας-Φοίβος ​​Κόσκος、και είνετα της κύτάλη προφήν οι οι επιμελέτης、ο「私たちの裁判官」Νίκος Βατόπουλιριριρικος Βατόπουλιριρικι Κατερίνα Σακελλαροπούλου 1 We spent hours looking closely at paintings, sculptures, paintings, photographs, textiles, installations and videos to create a very interesting story about the history of urban housing. Στην ξενάγηση was particularly prominent in some works. For example, a portrait of a woman with an open window behind her, through which the city can be seen, like a painting by Giorgou Rórreta. The President recognized the work of many artists and photographers who participated in the group exhibition. Μετα την ξενάγηση η κ. Σακελλαροπούλου spoke with the President of Ελληνικάμερικανικής Ενοσηση, General Her Director ΒίκυΒρανίκα, and members of the committee about the impressive reaction to the exhibition. It is worth mentioning that αφιέρωμα is accompanied by many parallel events such as lectures, roundtables and educational events in the city. Due to the popularity of the exhibition, the exhibition will be postponed until February 25th. ΟΝίκοςΒατόπουλος and ηΙριςΚριτικός were mentioned in the continuation of this joint handbook which will be an exhibition dedicated to her ΝεάποληΑθηνην in December. This district, where Ενος is also located, has long been a spiritual center and the urban center of Αθηναϊκις Τριλογίας. A memorial service will soon be held for the Greek-American community, not only as a building and destination in the heart of Athens, but also as an organization at the forefront of education and culture.

H ΠτΔ ξεναγήτηση στην Παραράσταση για την Ελληνικά πολικατοική-2
From the left, η Ιρις Κριτικός, ο Λεωνίδας Κόσκος, η ΠτΔ, η ίκυ Βρανίκα και ο Βατόπουλος.

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