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Guber/SASS Poll: Can Binani, Itubo Bail Nigerian Women? | | The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigerian and World News

Of particular interest in today’s gubernatorial and legislative elections are the states of Adamawa and Rivers. Elections in the two states are of great interest to Nigerian women, especially just days after the celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD), especially the presidential and national parliamentary votes.

The results of the February 25 national parliamentary elections have left a very dire picture of Nigeria’s women struggling to participate in decision-making in the country. The return of just three of her nominees as winners in senator polls highlights the dismal outing of the female demographic.

From the five yet unimpressed women members of the Red House, the elections were held for Labor Party (LP) Ileti Kingibe of the Federal Capital, Ra of the Plateau and Dr. Iparibo Harry Vanigo (Rivers)’s entry into her 109-strong Senate, both from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), represents a further narrowing of the political space for women.

A report from Anambra State, where two female politicians, Senator Uche Lilian Ekuunife and Senator Adeze Stella Odua, failed to receive new mandates, caught a downward slide.

However, with the exception of Mrs. Vilji Etiaba, who became governor by default despite poor results in the upper legislative elections, women were elected in every state of Nigeria during the lifetime of Nigeria’s presidential democracy. It is on record that he has never won a .

Etiaba became the governor of Anambra state after her principal, Mr. Anambra. Peter Obi was impeached in 2007. Since that auspicious circumstance, attempts by female politicians to take the office of governor have always resulted in near misses or outright technological encroachments on their efforts.

For example, Mrs. Joy Emodi came close to becoming governor of Anambra state during Sani Abacha’s transition to a civil government programme.

Again, when the first winds of change blew across different parts of the country in the run-up to the 2015 general election, Hon. was very close to the seat of The Gubernatorial Petitions Court raised citizens’ hopes that a woman governor was possible, but the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court dashed it.

Mama Taraba won a ticket for the PDP to represent the Northern Taraba Senate District in the Senate, but had to defect to the All Progressive Party Congress (APC), a platform where she challenged the gubernatorial election. I chanted


She lost a reordered election on April 25, 2015, when the gubernatorial petitions court annulled the ballot. Senator Al-Hassan went to the electoral court, spurred on by the results of her election, which her pundits advised her to win. her prayer. Only for the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court to rule that architect Darius Ishak won the election.

It is against this rich background that the 2023 general election has rekindled hopes of retaining the position of women’s side once again. But of the 18 parties that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has regularized to participate in the poll, only two of her four front-line platforms vote for women to vote for governor. I am joining. Like her predecessor Mama Taraba, Senator Aishatu Dahir Ahmed, commonly known as Vinani, is running for election to her APC as a senator.

And in Rivers, one of four strategic states in terms of voting power, Comrade Beatrice Itubo is the wave-making Labor Party (LP) gubernatorial candidate. Neither woman had an easy time picking tickets for their respective political parties, and the appearance of Binani and Itumo as gender representatives in the governor’s vote is a testament to their stubbornness.

It was another controversial streak before winning the LP gubernatorial primary for Itsubo, who served as chairman of the Nigerian Labor Conference (NLC) Rivers State Legislature. Itsubo was declared the winner by a vote of 201 to 71, defeating former Congressman Enei Blade in the primary.

Comrade Itubo said in remarks after being handed back as the primary winner that Rivers State would secure their freedom through Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs).

Urging citizens to prepare to vote for bad leaders, Itubo declared: With new election laws, the era of ballot box snatching is over and gone forever. “

However, as soon as she was announced as the standard-bearer for Rivers State’s legislature, Fafar Princewill claimed to be the bona fide gubernatorial candidate. bottom.

Barrister Julius Abre, the party’s national chairman, who was plagued by controversy over who the LP’s true gubernatorial candidate for Rivers State was, was a pitbull at a ceremony at the party secretariat for Mrs. of Port Harcourt.

On this occasion, Abre urged the people of Rivers State to vote for Comrade Itubo to show that the state was “submissive.” According to Abre, “If we win the gubernatorial race again, it will be easier to prove that we won the presidential election against Rivers State.

“Don’t be fooled by the PDAPC’s pain that you should vote for them. It’s a vote for our mission.”

However, several members of the LP’s Rivers State Working Committee, Dienier Pepple (State Chair), Prince Faber Reuben (Member, BOT), and Dr. Amadi Solomon (Public Affairs Secretary), are candidates for the PDP Shim.・Supported Fubara.

In a communiqué released to reporters, Rivers State LP leaders revealed how some unknown person claimed Itubo declined the contest to endorse APC Pastor Tonye Cole. .

Pepple, Reuben and Solon said, “As members of the Labor Party, as obedient supporters, we must support a region that has never produced a governor in the history of the state.

“I will vote for the Riverine candidate by the name of Sir. Siminiarai Joseph Hubala, of the state’s Southeast Senate District, said that in the upcoming gubernatorial election, the Labor Party and its members will vote for her and the Obident movement against all others. I assure you that I am an advocate and ambassador for the values ​​that set me apart from my political party.”

However, believing the move to be a spectacle of political merchandising, the national leadership of the Labor Party (LP) dismissed the state executive branch and appointed Hilda Dokubo as interim chairman instead. was seen as a strategic effort to strengthen the women’s solidarity already built around Itubo.

In a statewide broadcast, Rivers Governor Nisom Waikh thanked voters in his state for the appearance of Lieutenant Governor Dr. Kelly. Her wife Iparivo Harry Vanigo is one of only her three female senators elected in Nigeria to the 10th National Assembly.

Wyck said:

“Thus, the successor we need is a governor who will strengthen and continue the vision of the new Rivers, defend and protect the interests of the state, and propel the state toward greater progress and prosperity.

“This is exactly what PDP candidate Sir Siminalayi Fubara and his deputy Professor Ngozi Odu have committed to achieving their blueprint for integration and continuation…

“We must agree that this election is about the future of Rivers State. This is about advancing Rivers State to the next level. It’s about protecting and defending the interests of Rivers State.”

But attempts to force women into the permanent position of lieutenant governor in today’s election are about to be confirmed or clarified in today’s election.

The story is the same in Adamawa state, where Senator Binani is fighting incumbent Ahmadu Umar Fintri. He is seeking a second mandate, thanks to PDP presidential candidate Alhaji Atik Abubakar. Binani was based on the general perception that she had done well for the people, especially women, and on the belief that today’s election in Adamawa State would be a referendum on the performance of four years of setbacks. I’m here.

Like Rivers’ LP female gubernatorial candidate Itsubo, Senator Binani’s path to winning an APC ticket was riddled with intrigue and a string of lawsuits.

Ayesha, the wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, a native of the state, launched a kite of pairing women with men to resolve cultural prejudices when Yola’s Federal High Court annulled the primaries that threw her out. fried. It tends toward stakeholder gangups.

However, an appeals court upheld Binani’s nomination, and during a visit to Yola on Jan. 8 to start several federal projects in the state, President Buhari said Binani was the APC governor’s candidate for Adamawa state. It disproved all speculation.

While Binani’s election will help governors expand opportunities for women in Nigeria, the president said it would also “send a positive signal to the world about the maturity of Nigeria’s democracy and leadership.” expressed the hope that

Perhaps in response to speculation and conspiracy theories about her nomination, Buhari declared:

“We are here to ensure Sen. Binani will be the first female governor elected by God willing her. will speak.”

These two women are seriously contested in the crucial gubernatorial elections in Adamawa and Rivers, but whatever the result they post at the end of today’s ballot, they’re huge killers. or prove the enormous progress of women in the country’s politics.

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