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Groningen healthiest city in Holland, Rotterdam least healthy: Arcadis

Groningen is the healthiest of the 20 largest cities in the Netherlands, Arcadis said in a report. healthy city index Rotterdam is at the bottom of the list. Dutch cities have become ‘healthier’ over the past two years, but climate change and the housing crisis threaten that progress.

Arcadis assessed the health status of 25 Dutch cities based on a variety of criteria in five categories, including green space, bikeability, air quality, residents’ sense of wellbeing and wellbeing, and access to facilities. I rated it.

Like two years ago, Groningen tops the list of healthy cities. Emmen, Apeldoorn, Nijmegen and Maastricht make up the top five. All four of her largest cities in the Netherlands are at the bottom of the list. Utrecht was ranked 14th with the highest score of the Big 4. The Hague was his 16th, Amsterdam his 18th and Rotterdam his 20th.

All four large cities scored high in healthy mobility, but low in the other four categories. Utrecht and Amsterdam are in the top 10 healthy urban areas. However, none of the big four reached the top 10 in healthy outdoor areas, healthy environments, or healthy societies.

All Dutch cities have made progress in becoming healthier since the first indicators were published in 2020, according to researchers. opposite approach. Large cities also suffer from poor air quality, especially in dense residential areas.

“Dutch cities face a huge challenge. of green space will be needed, but the housing shortage will require more buildings.

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