Greatest wrestlers not in the WWE Hall of Fame

under the guidance of Marty Jones, a kid named Darren Matthews, got his start in square circles in the mid-1980s. It didn’t take. By 1993, he had signed his contract with WCW and his ring name became Steve Regal (later changed to Steve Regal). Sir Stephen Regal), and his ring proficiency.he will have moderate success there between his two stints — first from ’93 to ’98 and second from ’99 to 2000 — as both solo and tag team competitors, but that didn’t quite live up to his WWF-WWE run .

After a brief stint with the WWF as “The Real Man’s Man” from 1998 to 1999, he returned in 2000 as William Regal. WWF When his era of attitude ended and he entered an era of ruthless aggression, he found himself at odds with names like Chris Jericho, Triple H, CM Punk, and other scheming, sneaky heels. was playing he won several championships, who won the King of the Ring tournament in 2008 and was also the general manager of Raw for a time. As his main roster career came to an end in the early 2010s, he became a regular on ‘WWE NXT’, working with his young talent behind the scenes and acting as an on-air authority figure.

Needless to say, William Regal has done it all in professional wrestling. Although he retired in 2013, Great match against Antonio Cesaro, he is not finished yet.As of this writing, he is currently the mastermind behind it AEW’s Blackpool Combat Club faction, featuring Brian Danielson, Yuta Wheeler, Jon Moxley, ex-Cesaro and Claudio Castagnoli. Nonetheless, he will certainly be inducted into his WWE Hall of Fame when the time comes.

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