Google’s new adventure game takes a top-down journey through ancient Mesoamerica

I love cute characters in games. | | Screenshot by Jay Peters/The Verge

Released by Google’s Arts & Culture Division Engaging new educational game About ancient Mesoamerica. game, advent of the serpentyou can play now in your browser or via Google Arts & Culture iOS When android app.

It has a light plot advent of the serpentwhich appears in a short video that plays at the start of the game. While exploring the museum, Tezcatlipoca, the King of Smoking Mirrors, stole a large Artifact to prevent a flood from taking over the world, so that the living statues would recover 20 Icons contained within the Artifact. I am asking for your help in Of course you agree. The statue says it will send you back to ancient Mesoamerica.

You can choose one of four adorable animals…

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