Good Samaritan offers a ride to the White Settlement Officer to help defeat the suspect while chasing the foot

“Together, WSPD and our community, we are strong,” read a post from the department. “We are very grateful,” added chief Chris Cook.

White Settlement, Texas — The Good Samaritan helped White Settlement police officers to catch a suspect who was sought after in connection with stealing a car over the weekend.

The entire incident was captured by a policeman’s body camera.

The White Settlement Police Station We use a “flock safety system” to assist in the recovery of fugitives and stolen vehicles throughout the community.

The system is a camera-equipped license plate reader, and two police officers responded to reports of a stolen vehicle being found in 700 blocks in South Cherry Lane on Saturday, June 18.

“The license plate has been shown to be a stolen car,” said Chris Cook, chief of White Settlement.

When the police tried to start a traffic stop in a vehicle near the car store, the suspect escaped on foot and started running from the scene.

The Good Samaritan saw Corporal J. Porter running, one of the officers, and offered him a ride.

Another officer in the department, Officer Samuel Brown, was also involved in foot tracking and was in front of Porter with the suspect’s tail hot.

“Some people are hot outside, heavy gear, and good aerobic exercise. I’m in the camp too. I would have had to get on faster than the Corporal,” Cook said.

“Thank you” Corp. Porter said through his body camera footage when the suspect gave good Samaritan instructions to where he was found.

Porter then quickly caught up with the place where the suspect was detained by Brown.

“I had to taxi, don’t worry about me,” Porter joked while watching the suspect’s arrest.

Officer Brown said on Monday he laughed when he saw his colleague get out of a civilian car.

“I look over my shoulder and try to see who’s approaching me, and I see Porter jumping out of the car, which was pretty interesting,” Brown said.

The White Settlement Police Department thanked the Good Samaritan for posting a tracking video on their Facebook page on Sunday night.

“Together, WSPD and our community, we are strong,” read a post from the department. The department also thanked the police officers for being able to drive the suspect off the street.

Samaritan Jimmie Davis told the media on Monday that he saw the chase and decided to help the officer.

Davis is a former security guard.

“My instinct has just begun,” Davis said. “I was happy that I was in the right place at the right time. I did what I had to do, and I do it again.”

The suspect, 31-year-old Joshua Taylor-Brown, was charged with three felony and one misdemeanor, including avoiding arrests and misusing vehicles.

WSPD said the stolen vehicle was returned to its legitimate owner.

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