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Good Burger 2 Officially Ordered By Paramount Plus In Late 2023

good burger 2 We are finally moving forward. This movie is a highly anticipated sequel to the 1997 film. good burgerIt starred Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell as eccentric fast food employees Dexter and Ed. character and concept Nickelodeon’s Young Adult Comedy Series all things And despite its modest success in theaters, the film gained a cult following in the years following its theatrical release.

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Around varietywas published in The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon or good burger 2 With both Kenan and Kel set to reprise their roles, they were finally given the green light. You’ll be reclaiming your old job at Goodburger working with Crew. The film is set to begin production in May of this year, with a view to a late 2023 release date on Paramount+.

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Paramount Plus doubles reboots for better or worse

Ed and Dexter smiling in promotional image for Good Burger

of good burger sequel It’s part of a long chain of legacy sequels, reboots, and revivals on Paramount+.The streaming service includes library titles and originals with IP derived from quite a few companies, including CBS, MTV, and Nickelodeon. is included. good burger 2 It’s squarely in the Nickelodeon camp that has paid dividends on streaming services in the past.

Previously successful revivals on Nickelodeon’s part included: icarly Updated reboot for upcoming season 3, similar to anime series backbone and Camp Coral: Spongebob Minors. good burger 2 Join the slate that also contains a Zoey 101 sequel movie, demonstrating Paramount+’s commitment to using core IP to attract viewers.This makes sense for the service built behind the spinoff Star Trek: Discovery and good fight.

but, good burger 2 A plethora of their reboots may come at a time when they are reaching a point of oversaturation. . Very Odd Parent: Very Odd and a horror sequel Paranormal Activity: RelativesWith so many similar titles on the platform, it can be difficult to make this new film stand out.

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