Gisele Bryant talks Juan Dixon’s dismissal as head coach, Robin’s status in RHOP and where Robin and Juan stand

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Giselle Bryant dealt with report a shot or her best friend Robin Dixonhusband of fan – Formerly head coach at Coppin State University – as well as rumors that Robin himself was fired Real Housewives of the Potomac.

Robin recently faced a fever after covering up Juan’s inappropriate communication with another womanThe mother of two children claimed that she paid for the woman’s hotel room only because she lost her wallet. It is currently unknown if the scandal led to Juan’s expulsion from college.

talk @Ricky CornishGiselle addressed Juan’s reported shooting.

Gisele described “the world of coaching as tough” and Juan was in a “tough position” as his team had a “losing season”. She also expressed her belief that many colleges view coaches as if they were “as good” as they were “last season.”

“Juan, if there’s anything I know about him, he’ll get back on his feet and be fine,” Gisele added.

in an interview with SunGisele also addressed rumors that Robin herself would be fired from the franchise after covering up her drama with Juan.

“Robin is a gentleman! Who is making up these rumors? I don’t know,” said Giselle. “Robin has a lot going on in her life at this point, and you guys will want to see that, too.”

The star also addressed Juan’s departure from Coppin State. “As you know, the basketball industry is a very fickle and ‘now’ industry. If you don’t win now, they’ll probably kick you out,” she said. “But Juan’s been coaching for a while.

recently RHOP After the reunion, Robin denied that her husband had actually had an affair. said. “There was no relationship, no cheating, no dating, no physical.”

Speaking to The Sun, Gisele revealed where Robin and Juan currently stand.

“Oh, they’re great. They get along really well,” said an OG castmate. [they] We’ve been together since high school, so we got through it in good spirits. ”

Gisele said of her own romance winter house Star Jason Cameron And whether they have a “label” in their relationship.

“We don’t have that conversation,” she said, denying there was a label. [visiting]Jason has been a breath of fresh air in my life. We are having so much fun together. he is a wonderful person So let’s see him day by day. ”

According to Gisele, Jason winter house Season 3 is currently in production.

“No…I’m fine,” Gisele quipped when asked if she’d make a surprise cameo. [the show] is a clip and the house looks trashed and not very hygienic, so thank you. ”

Gisele teased next season Real Housewife Ultimate Girls’ Tripwhere she experienced drama Heather Gay and Candice Dillard Bassett.

“Candace brought the drama.Like, we ended up in the Potomac.We hashed it all out.We were in a great place. It was good,” Gizelle said.

The star said she was ‘retaining’ her previous statement that she was Candace’s husband Chris Bassett Made her “uncomfortable” after a previous reunion.

“It wasn’t an accusation. It was a reality,” Gisele said. “It doesn’t really matter to me anymore. I mean, that’s what it is.

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