Giants’ Kavon Thibodeau motivated by draft snub: Former coach

Foxborough, Massachusetts. — on the eve of Kavon Thibodeau’s preseason debut against the Patriots, Final 23-21 Giants winThe man who coached him at Oaks Christian (California) High School and last season in Oregon believes the team could have taken him over for a variety of reasons, from his work ethic to his love of the game. Jaguars, Lions, Texans, Jets—live to regret.

“Absolutely in my opinion,” said Tim DeRuiter, who was defensive coordinator at the University of Oregon last year and is now at Texas Tech. “But everyone has to choose for their own reasons and what is best for the club, so I understand that. Although I think the rational side of Kayvon understands that. , his emotional side pisses him off. Teams that pass him remember him as having a chance.”

“Absolutely,” Charles Collins, Thibodeau’s high school coach, told the Post. “I had to remind people that he wasn’t human. [Jadeveon] Clowney’s situation and football were important to him, but I didn’t think football was as important to Clowney’s kid as KT. He sticks to his technique, doing things the right way, perfecting all the different foundations, and even getting to quarterback. ”

Who does he remind you of?

“Boy from Cleveland [Myles Garrett]Collins said. “I think I have that kind of strength, similar to that person.” [Micah] Parsons in Dallas thinks he can have that kind of power and that kind of impact when it comes to getting to passers. ”

Kavon Thibodeau
Kavon Thibodeau
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DeRuyter was an assistant head coach at Texas A&M when Von Miller played for Texas A&M in 2010.

“They are both elite pass rushers, but they have different styles,” said DeRuyter. , a run-against man running around the block, was very slippery to make plays, whereas Kaevon was really heavy-handed, knocking tackles backwards and letting a two-gap man play. I can do it.”

No. 5 was thrilled that his NFL journey had begun. “I’m a Madden fan because that’s pretty much what I’ve seen, but I’m like, ‘Man, we’re really in the NFL now.’

No problems in the first two series, one tackle, no sacks against Patriots right tackle Justin Herron.

“I thought I was going to be a little more nervous or nervous,” said Thibodeau.

Kavon Thibodeau joins practice at Giants training camp.
Kavon Thibodeau joins practice at Giants training camp.
Noah K. Murray-NY Post

1 false start.

“I’m winning the mental game, so I’ll take it,” Thibodeau said. “I know people are trying to mark me.

Collins likes Thibodeau’s landing on the Giants.

“I think it suited his personality very well,” Collins said. “When you look at KT, he likes bright lights and all that.”

DeRuyter: “I think it would be perfect for him as long as he stayed true to himself. He was always around me.” I think I can keep him away from them.There will obviously be a big light shining on him.I think that’s why he’s alive.”

Thibodeau showed his rootburst, but admits he has a way out. I will,” he said.

Save number 5. “All gas, no brakes,” said Collins. “But he also has a personality that makes his brothers responsible. His energy is like iron sharpening iron, so it’s really contagious when you think about it.”

DeRuyter: “For me, he wanted to be the best man on the field. He wanted to be the guy who made those plays.

Thibodeaux rated himself NA. I have no answer. “I play this game like a boxer,” he said.

he lives for the championship round.

“He’s so intelligent that he has a very different personality than most defensive linemen and has no problem expressing his opinion,” said DeRuyter.

DeRuyter: “He’s one of those guys the offense has to have a game plan because if he doesn’t, he can take over the game.”

Collins: “You’re getting a game-changer guy.”

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