Giants Can’t Overcome Defensive Focus On Saquon Barkley Again

An example of a zero-dimensional object is a geometric point. Another is the Giants offense when the defense stole his Saquon Barkley leg.

It’s ridiculous that it took an opposing defense so long to realize that stopping the Giants starts with containing Barkley when the passing offense around him ranks #1. 28 in the NFL, Sudden melee rush attack A once promising season was at a crossroads.

Barkley recorded 39-yard carries 11 times in the year. 28-20 Cowboys Thanksgiving loss, and it’s the third time in the past four games that he’s been held below 53 rushing yards. That matches the Giants going 1-3 in that stretch.

“When the running game isn’t working, it starts with a running back,” Barkley said. “I have to get better.”

Saquon Barkley struggled when the Giants lost to the Cowboys.
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The Giants played Thursday at left tackle (Andrew Thomas) who was battling an illness, fourth starting left guard (Jack Anderson), center (Nick Gates) and backup right tackle (Tyre Phillips). Barkley’s longest rush was his 10 yards.

Head coach Brian Dabor said, “In a run game, everyone needs to play better.” [yards gained]It lacks some of the larger plays that are usually useful in run games. We just haven’t gone through it. We have to do a better job of blocking, running, designing and running the whole game. guide and implement it. ”

Darius Slayton’s 44-yard receive in the second quarter on Thursday was the first Giants season completion to travel more than 40 yards in the air, according to Next Gen Stats. That set up Barkley’s 1-yard touchdown run.

“We felt like we could come down the field with some of the play actions we did in the beginning,” Barkley said. I didn’t go.”

The Giants escaped the winning formula with a losing streak. Jones made a season-high 44 and 35 pass attempts while playing from behind in the second half. Jones didn’t matter as a runner (for 14 yards he had 3 carries) after his double-threat ability against the Cowboys in Week 3 became a big weapon.

“I have to do better with communication and technique,” Thomas said. “We’ve been running the ball very well, so sometimes we have more running pressure and we have to do a better job of communicating and picking up the ball.”

Barkley have played the last six games with a sore shoulder. The Giants’ over-reliance on his breaker one game (his 224 carries are his second-most in the NFL, representing a pace that shatters his past four career-highs). ) is being sacrificed. He recorded his career-high 35 rushes in his one win in the Giants’ last four games.

“Saqwon is going all out and trying to do everything he can,” Dabor said. “We have to collectively do a better job.”

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