Get the new 2nd generation Apple AirPods Pro while supplies last

Everywhere you look it looks like someone is wearing it Apple AirPods If not, use the popular earphone Most likely on their wish list.

If you’re a big fan of Apple headphones, we have some exciting news for you. The all-new second-generation Apple AirPods Pro are here and available for purchase online. Amazon while supplies last. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your old AirPods or want to splurge on your favorite pair of earbuds, now is the time.

Keep reading to find out more about the all new Apple AirPods Pro.


While the 1st and 2nd generations are pretty similar, the newly launched model’s upgrades are worthy of rave reviews.

Transparent mode really works

If you’re not in noise-cancelling mode, you can choose what Apple calls “transparency mode.” This leaks sound when you press and hold the stem of your AirPods. This allows you to listen to your audio without being completely cut off from the world.

While using 1st generation transparent mode, sometimes that too Good, but still block out sound—you have to pull out one earbud when you want to talk to someone. I can.

Noise canceling is even better

According to Apple, the new generation AirPods Pro offer up to twice the noise cancellation thanks to the H2 chip. A further advantage of this model is that the noise level reduction can be displayed in real time.

Direct volume control

The 2nd generation offers touch controls, letting you turn the audio volume up or down by simply swiping up or down on the AirPods stem.

Convenient charging and better battery life

If you’re an Apple Watch user, we have great news.His 2nd generation AirPods Pro have a MagSafe charging case and can charge the earbuds with the Apple Watch charger. Also normal charging cable. Talk about convenience!

Plus, you’ll get 33% more battery life compared to the first-generation Apple AirPods Pro, for a total of 30 hours of playtime. When Active noise canceling is on.that’s it six Get more time than the new generation!

Say goodbye to lost AirPods

The best part about the new generation is that you can now track your earbuds using the Find My app. A new U1 chip lets you see the exact location of where you last put your AirPods. If you ask us, we’re pretty witty.

The new AirPods case also comes with a new U1 chip, so you can use the Find My app to see the exact location of your last AirPods.

Audio quality is better than ever

Apple offers even smaller eartips that are less likely to fall out. Additionally, the brand has created a new feature called “Personalized Spatial Audio.” This allows your phone to remember your ear size and adjust the sounds you hear to your individual ear size when using the iPhone’s front-facing camera.

Spatial audio provides a three-dimensional listening experience from music, TV shows, movies, podcasts, and more, immersing you in sounds coming from all directions. The idea is to give the user a theater-like experience, making them feel like they are in her hall at her concert.

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