Fred Warner hilariously eats pancakes in a funny exchange with Nick Bosa.seahawks

Warners hilariously level bossa with funny exchanges on the field originally appeared NBC Sports Bay Area

no one is safe Fred Warnereven his own teammates — Nick Bosa I can prove it with certainty.

In pursuit of Seattle Seahawks Rookie Running Back Kenneth Walker III 49ersIn the Week 2 win against the Seattle Seahawks, Botha was caught in a crossfire and pancaked by Warner.

“It was crazy. My life flashed before my eyes,” Botha told Warner on the sidelines. “You really are a heat-seeking missile.”

All Warner could do was nod his head in agreement.

For the 25-year-old linebacker to earn such a tribute from Bosa, The more feared defensive player In the NFL, Warner’s confidence should skyrocket.

Bosa, 24, has been a defensive nightmare since he entered the league. with teammates Critics nailed him early on Defensive Player of the Year candidate.

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Warner’s defensive prowess is also nothing to scoff at, being named an All-Pro in 2020. Denver Broncos Coach Nathaniel Hackett told reporters recently that Warner is one of the players he will be paying attention During the Broncos’ Week 3 matchup against the 49ers.

All in all, no one is safe from Warner and why his occasional play at Botha, even if it was his own teammate, is an integral part of the vaunted 49ers defense. is shown.

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