Framework’s new Chromebooks are upgradable and customizable

Framework and Google are new Framework Laptop Chromebook EditionAs the name suggests, this is an upgradable, customizable Chromebook from the same company that launched the Framework laptop last year.

User-upgradeable laptops are already rare enough, but user-upgradeable Chromebooks are almost unheard of. The size of the audience for such a device may not yet be known, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction for repairability across the laptop space.

Several parts of the framework are user-customizable, but it’s not clear that all the parts that are adjustable in the Windows framework are also adjustable on Chromebooks. Each part has his QR code, which when scanned brings up a buy page for the replacement part.

Most interesting (to me) is that the Chromebook Edition includes the same expansion card system as the Windows Edition. This means you can choose which ports you want and where to place them. No other laptop can run this on Windows or Chrome OS, but it’s my personal favorite part of the Framework model. According to the press release, you can choose from USB-C, USB-A, microSD, HDMI, DisplayPort, Ethernet, high speed storage and more. HDMI, in particular, is a useful option available on Chromebooks.

You can also upgrade memory and storage. I don’t necessarily think most Chromebook users will need as much RAM and storage as Windows users, but those who want it have options.

The bezel is also replaceable and attaches magnetically to the frame. All framework bezels are compatible with Chromebook Edition. several different colors available It should snap on and off easily.

It looks like the following are interchangeable. framework marketplace: hinge, audio board, bottom cover, touchpad cable. The following are currently listed as “coming soon” in the Framework’s marketplace, but are likely to be replaceable over time: keyboard, battery, power button, and top cover. Framework’s FAQ says the company “has not announced plans for a new ChromeOS-compatible mainboard at this time,” but the mainboard is listed as “coming soon” in the market, so who knows? Do you know?

All framework bezels are compatible with Chromebook Edition

Elsewhere, the Chromebook includes a 2256 x 1504 3:2 display and weighs 2.87 pounds (1.3 kg). Inside is a 12th Gen Core i5-1240P (the processor is upgradable on Windows models, but not mentioned here). There is a privacy switch to turn off the camera and microphone. also says framework The Chromebook’s speaker is larger than the Windows Framework’s and has a “more power-optimized battery.” But the main reason I buy this laptop is if the previous framework model is any indication, it can be repaired as a user.

Hardware isn’t the only thing that lasts.Framework said in a tweet Google will support Framework Chromebook Edition for “minimum eight years”. Pre-orders start today in the US and Canada, with prices starting at $999. The product is scheduled to be shipped in early December.

Update September 21st at 5pm ET: Updated to add new details from the Framework website.

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