Foxconn offered workers $1,400 to stop protests

Foxconn has offered workers a 10,000 yuan ($1,400) settlement to end protests at its facility, urged newly hired employees to resign, and then sold an iPhone in Zhengzhou, central China. encouraged to leave the assembly plant. CNN report The payments, equivalent to one to two months’ wages, are said to come after violent protests on Tuesday over wage withholdings and working conditions during the draconian coronavirus lockdown.

Apple’s manufacturing partners reportedly made an offer Wednesday via text message sent by Human Resources, telling employees to “please go back to the dorms,” ​​pledging to honor payment agreements. offered 8,000 yuan (about $1,120) to workers who agreed to quit their jobs at the factory, and another 2,000 yuan (about $280) after they boarded the bus to leave the factory.

Zhengzhou, also known as the “City of iPhones,” was forced to shut down in October after an outbreak of the new coronavirus at a factory, following China’s strict “no-coronavirus” policy. When workers started fleeing, Foxconn launched a recruiting drive, with over 100,000 signed up to fill vacancies.According to the document outlining the salary package I hope you get well CNNnew employees are promised a subsidy of 3,000 yuan (about $420) after completing 30 days of work, and a second bonus of 3,000 yuan after 60 days.

Protests erupted on Tuesday When workers were informed that the payment of these bonuses would be deferred until the following year and that the first subsidy payment would be made on March 15th and the second payment in May. “New hires felt cheated because they had to work more days to get the promised bonus,” said one worker. CNN.

Foxconn has since admitted that the payment date change was a misunderstanding. “Our team is investigating this issue and discovered a technical error occurred during the onboarding process,” Foxconn said in a statement. Reuters“We apologize for any input errors in our computer system. We assure you that the actual salary is the same as the agreed official recruitment poster.” Foxconn’s largest customer, Apple, is also on board. CNN The company said it was “working closely with Foxconn to ensure employee concerns are addressed.”

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