Form 1095-A and 2015 Federal Income Tax Return

published to February 5, 2016

If you (or someone in your family) has a 2015 Marketplace Health Plan, please note the following: Form 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace® statement on mail. It will arrive by US mail by mid-February and will appear in your Marketplace account online.

Required to calculate your 2015 federal income tax return and if you are eligible for the 2015 premium tax credit.

important Do not file taxes until you have an accurate 1095-A.

How to use 1095-A

  1. Please read the instructions on the back carefully to make sure everything is correct. If not, Please contact the Marketplace Call Center.
  2. Make sure the information about the “Second Lowest Cost Silver Plan” (SLCSP) is complete. You can find out the correct amount if you see a zero in column B of Part III of the form.
  3. If everything is correct, use Form 1095-A to calculate your final insurance premium tax credit, adjusting for the portion you used upfront to reduce your premium. That is, compare the premium tax credits you used in 2015 with the tax credits you actually qualify for based on your final income.

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