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Foreign Ministry Rejects Prime Minister’s Security Advisor Proposal

ministry For Four Affairs has rejected the idea of ​​establishing a security advisory post under the prime minister’s office, arguing that it would obscure the division of responsibilities between the ministries and agencies in charge of security policy. report YLE.

He added that the position could also create uncertainty about the partial transfer of power from ministries to the prime minister’s office.

The prime minister’s office floated the idea of ​​establishing the position a few weeks ago, and the advisors and the special forces they headed said the office’s ability to assist the prime minister on security policy issues within his scope. Her powers stated to strengthen or required by the looming NATO membership.

The plan was to recruit advisors as early as this spring so that the next prime minister could become familiar with the issues before he takes office.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not deny that the prime minister needed more assistance on security policy issues, but the support provided by the special adviser continued to be sufficient, and the appointment of the special adviser would disproportionately affect security policy. presumed to minister

The ministry said the incoming government had the opportunity to comment and believed that this status should not be established until Finland joins NATO.

statement was signed by Yucca SarovaraPermanent Secretary of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and presented by Piritta AssumahPolitical Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Pekka Harvest The (Green Party) on Tuesday expressed reservations about the idea of ​​the outgoing government setting and filling the positions.

“As a politician, I have always said that when the parties that make up a government are convened, the legacy of previous governments is not always positive if there are last-minute appointments.

Minister of Defense Mikko Savola (Center) Similarly Estimate There is no reason not to postpone the decision until the next election period.

Alexi Teiweinen – HT

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