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FLBB-Frauen verlieren nach stronger erster Halbzeit

In the third game of the EM qualifier, the national team takes the lead at first, but Slovakia eventually wins.


Andrea Wimmer

In the third game of the EM qualifier, the national team takes the lead at first, but Slovakia eventually wins.

The women’s basketball team won a long-distance victory in the EC qualifiers, but was eliminated again at the end. Luxembourg lost to Slovakia in Der Koke on Thursday night, 57:77.nachdem sie in der ersten Halbzeit long gegen den Favoriten geführt hatten.

It was their third defeat in the campaign. A year ago, national trainer Marius Giulia’s team had already lost their first games against Italy and Switzerland.

Key players Magary Menadier and Nadia Mosson, as well as American actresses, were absent this time. Gegen die Slovakia bildeten Kapitänin Esmeralda Skrijelj, Catherine Mreches, Lisa Jablonowski, Mandy Geniets und Ehis Etute die Startfünf.

Ehis Etute is Luxembourg's top scorer.

Ehis Etute is Luxembourg’s top scorer.

Photo: Stephane Guillaume

They started in front of 643 spectators. Jablonowski started das Punktekonto with his two Threes and also hit Mreches und Etute. Das erste Viertel nachzimmer die Gastgebirnen überraschend deutlich 19:10 für sich. The Luxemburger Führung hielt bis zur 17.’, as die Slovakia zum 27:27 ausglich. But Favorite got the upper hand. Zur Pause lag Luxembourg 30:36 zurück.

Left to right: Laurie Artham, Estelle Muller, Joy Baum, right, Esmeralda Scrigeri. Basketball: Entraînement équipe nationale, Ladies. Moss, Luxembourg.Photo: Stephane Guillaume

Basketball players Laurie Ilsom, Estelle Muller and Joy Baum live in Elfern, Germany.

Die Gäste kamen immer besser in Schwung und vergrößerten den Vorsprung zügig. But the Luxembourgians fought back. He was 44:64 after the third quarter. Den letzten Abschnitt gestalte die FLBB Auswahl ausgeglichen. Etute were the best Luxembourg Werferin with a total of 27 points.

Luxembourg’s EM qualifying continues on Sunday at the Auswärts duel in Switzerland (17 Uhr). Return matches against Italy and Slovakia are scheduled for February 2023.

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