Find out why preventive care is important and what services are available.

published to April 21, 2022

All plans on the Marketplace cover a set of free preventions for sicknesses, illnesses, and other health problems, even if you haven’t reached your annual deductible. These services are free only when obtained from a doctor or other provider within the plan’s network. Check with your health insurance to find out which providers are “in network”.

5 Common Preventive Health Services

Preventive services include screening, testing, physical examinations, and counseling. Here are his five perks available to eligible adults on the Marketplace.

  • blood pressure screening
  • Cholesterol screening (for certain ages and high-risk people)
  • screening for depression
  • vaccination
  • Obesity screening and counseling

Learn more about preventive medicine

  • Take advantage of these free services to catch health problems early when treatment is most effective. Please consult your provider for what is appropriate.
  • Learn more about Prevention and health services for your whole family.

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