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Find out what life changes you should report and how to report them

published to June 13, 2019

Has your family, job, or income changed this year? If you are currently enrolled in the 2019 Marketplace Plan and your household changes, please update your application as soon as possible. These changes may affect your health insurance and the savings you can make.

Type of change to report

  • Changes that affect family size, such as marriage, divorce, and childbirth
  • Changes that affect household income, such as changing jobs
  • Changes in available coverage, such as qualifying for Medicare or Medicaid or getting insurance through your job

read A complete list of life changes.

How to report life changes

  • Please report changes to the Marketplace: Update your application for 2019.
  • Update your application online, by phone, or in person (not by mail).
  • When you report a change in your life, you will receive a new marketplace eligibility notification. We’ll tell you if you’re eligible to change plans, get new savings, or enroll in a different type of coverage.

Click here for details Reporting Changes to the Marketplace.

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