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FUT Ballers Arnaut Danjuma has arrived in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, and players can now get some exclusive cards. Completing objective sets not only earns a special version of Spurs his winger, but also includes FUT Ballers Aiden McGeady and Hattan Bahebri.

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This is the second objective set released during the FUT Ballers event in FIFA 23. The promo concept revolves around SBCs and goals, with no real dedicated roster of special cards.

Players must unlock various special footballers through SBCs and upgrade them through goals. However, Danjuma can unlock it without needing his SBC.

FUT Ballers Arnaut Danjuma arrives in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Arnout Danjuma joins Spurs He solidified his attacking ranks with roster gains in the January transfer market. The Dutch superstar hasn’t played much for the London club, but he’s been a valuable asset to the squad. His latest FIFA 23 card accurately reflects his real-world abilities as well.

what does the card look like?

The 87 rated FUT Ballers version has the following key attributes:

  • Pace: 92
  • Dribbling: 90
  • Shooting: 86
  • Defense: 47
  • Matches: 81
  • Physical: 76

With stats like this, combined with 4-star skills and 4-star weak legs, Danjuma is definitely a great winger in the world. FIFA 23’s current meta.

How to unlock this card?

🚨 Danjuma 🇳🇱 Once you reach your goal… • Mcgeady 🇮🇪 FUT Baller Bahebri 🇸🇦 FUT Baller 84+ x5 • 81+ x11 • 8x Other Packs • Super Lone Team Pack W? #FIFA23

The objective group offering this special version of FUT Ballers is aptly titled ‘Play to Ball’. These are the various relevant provisions.

  • let’s ball: Play matches in any FUT game mode
  • Draft in I: play offline or online draft matches
  • Draft in II: Play 4 games in an online or offline draft
  • Draft in III: Play 8 games in online or offline drafts
  • Recipe for Victory I: Win a game in Online or Offline Draft
  • Recipe for Victory II: Win 2 drafts online or offline
  • Recipe for Victory III: Win 4 online or offline drafts
  • Exile Style I: Play a Semi-Pro (or Rivals) match on the lowest difficulty in Squad Battles
  • Exile Style II: Play 2 games in Semi-Pro (or Rivals) on the lowest difficulty in Squad Battles
  • Exile Style III: Play 4 games in Semi-Pro (or Rivals) on the lowest difficulty in Squad Battles
  • saudi build: Play 6 games in Squad Battle with at least 3 MBS Pro League players in Starting 11 on minimum Semi-Pro (or Rival) difficulty.
  • shamrock: Play 6 matches in Squad Battles on minimum Semi-Pro (or Rival) difficulty and have at least 3 players from Ireland in the starting 11
  • never forget the street: Assist FUT Ballers McGeady in Squad Battles, score a goal with FUT Ballers Hattan Bahebri, and win 4 games on Semi-Pro (or Rival) difficulty or higher.

The Saudi build segment is FUT Ballers version Or Hattan Baheburi on completion, the Shamrock segment provides Aiden McGeady. Both cards have great stats to play in FIFA 23.

The best way to unlock Danjuma is to focus on offline gameplay.Player can complete draft-based goal Offline mode allows you to choose difficulty based on your level.

Similarly, you can unlock McGeady and Bahebri. squad battleCompleting this objective group will reward players with Danjuma, McGeady, Bahebri, and several attractive packs.

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