Ferrari records worst home qualifying performance since 1984

Sebastian Vettel was unable to finish the first qualifying round and remained in 17th place. Meanwhile, his teammate Charles Leclerc participated in the second qualifying round, but remained 13th on the grid prior to the race on Sunday.

Ferrari knew it would be difficult to speed up the Italian Grand Prix this weekend, but even they couldn’t have predicted that things would be so bad.

Leclerc has scored 45 points in the Drivers’ Championship and is in fifth place. This is already 112 points ahead of runaway leader Lewis Hamilton. With only 16 points, Vettel in 13th place has become a four-time world champion, making things worse.

In the Constructors’ Ranking, Ferrari is in 5th place, a whopping 203 points behind leader Mercedes.

One of Ferrari’s little silver linings was that its ardent supporters (known as “Tifosi”) weren’t there to witness a dire performance, and the race was still held in a closed room. increase.

“Finally, I thought I’d be a little over the weekend,” apparently frustrated Leclerc told Sky Sports. “We knew the spa [last weekend] And these were the two worst tracks for us. It’s like this … it’s hard.

“For now, we need to get the most out of our car in this situation. It’s even more painful to be at home. This is our reality right now. We need to work.” Leclerc said.

At the top of the leaderboard, Lewis Hamilton secured the eighth pole in the Italian Grand Prix, and teammate Valtteri Bottas lost slightly by a tenth of a second to start second on the grid, giving Mercedes an additional 1-. Recorded 2.

“It was a great performance for the team,” Hamilton told Sky Sports. “It wasn’t the easiest thing, you saw how close it was between us. It needed a clean wrap, and I got both.

Sebastian Vettel is watching rival Lewis Hamilton take pole position.

“Valtteri was strong and kept pushing. I was a little nervous to get through the final sector. During the years I was here, I had weak downforce and grip. [but] Speed ​​through Resmos [corner] It was amazing. I’m trying to find the right balance that isn’t that easy, “Hamilton said.

Carlos Sainz of McLaren undoubtedly took third place in his best grid spot in his performance of the day, and racing point driver Sergio Perez’s fourth place was comparable to his best qualifying position in history.

Top 10

  • 1. Hamilton
  • 2. Botta
  • Sainz
  • 4. Perez
  • 5. Step
  • Norris
  • 7. Ricardo
  • 8. Walk
  • 9. Albon
  • 10. Guthrie

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