Fantasy Baseball: Win the League Championship with the Closer

one last push towards fantasy baseball Championships are always the toughest. If you’re playing in a 1v1 championship, you’ll need to adjust your roster to match how your team will actually match up. If you’re playing in a rotisserie format, chances are you’ve turned your attention to the counting stats category you can move to the top.

Refine your search Waiver Claims Top priority and all in hot hands. The saves category is probably the easiest category to move up with an extra arm or two, so it’s time to find some last-minute relief that will get you some saves to round out the year .

Domingo Acevedo has had a strong late game despite playing for the bottom-placed Athletics.
Domingo Acevedo has had a strong late game despite playing for the bottom-placed Athletics.
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Few people are paying attention to the Athletics as they are bottom of the AL West, but they need saves in their remaining 12 games, including six against the similarly-backed Angels. Domingo his Acevedo has pitched 5¹/3 innings scoreless in his six appearances since September 1st. He’s No. 4, and after earning saves in each of his last four games, it looks like he’s taking over the closer role. It may be difficult to find such a reliable arm at the end of the year, but given the woes of Oakland’s bullpen this season, his efforts and your fantasy team should pay off pretty well.

If you’re looking for cheap saves, you can also look to Cubs lefty Brandon Hughes. Because his 9 of his final 12 games in Chicago are against Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, less chance to saveHe has three saves in his last six appearances and although he nudged his ankle during Thursday’s game, he is expected Become healthy After a day or two, it should be back in the slot as the Cubs’ top closing option.

Waver wire picking might be wise at this point, but unearthing a gem or two in a category that’s as mobile as the save should pay off quickly. Time is running out, so drop any dead weight your team may be carrying. Acevedo and Hughes are here to help if your current players aren’t helping.

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