Facts About WWE Music Groups Only Hardcore Wrestling Fans Know

Several WWE talents, including Junkyard Dog, Jimmy Hart, and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, have sung on the “Wrestling Album”, but one prominent singer-songwriter also appears on this LP. Cyndi Lauper.

An integral part of WWE’s “Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Connection” and the first WrestleMania, Lauper was credited on the album under the pseudonym Mona Flambe. She provided backing vocals on Rick Derringer’s “Real American” and Piper’s song “For Everyone”. “Turn the Beat Around” singer Vicky Sue Robinson, who appeared on Junkyard Dog’s “Grab Them Cake”, also provided background vocals on the album.

5 people get producer credit for ‘The Wrestling Album’Dillinger, Lauper (who played Flambe), Dave Wolfe (Loper’s then-manager/boyfriend), Joel Dorn, and Jim Steinman (the last of whom was Meat Loaf’s iconic 1977 album, Best known as the creative force behind “Bat Out of Hell”). Steinman produced “Hulk Hogan’s Theme”.

Wolff wrote the album’s liner notes, stating, “This album is the product of many people with the insight and courage to believe, especially Vince McMahon, Mona Flambe, Don Dempsey and Lenny Petze. Producer Rick Derringer.” , Mona FlambĂ©, Joel Dorn and Jim Steinman gave their all on the record. I salute all these guys for a job well done. enjoy it.”

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