F1 star Max Verstappen says he’s not the new Michael Schumacher

The 22-year-old was recently compared to Schumacher by F1 Managing Director Ross Brawn. column..

“He reminds me of Michael Schumacher in many ways. I remember Max’s early days in F1 when his speed was clear. He has now grown into an extraordinary racing driver,” said Dutchman Brown. Said.

Talk to CNN Amanda Davis of Verstappen said:

“Of course you can always have a similar attitude and you can compare from time to time, but from my side I never do it. I just want to be myself.”

On the 17th and 166th, Verstappen became the youngest driver in F1 history when he entered the 2015 Australian Grand Prix. Over the years, he said he had matured as a driver.

“”[I’m] I know how to build more relaxed, more consistent, weekends and more, “he added.

“I feel very comfortable … anyway, I’m a very relaxed person, so for me it wasn’t really super high pressure, but I’m more relaxed in the way I know what’s coming ..

“I’ve already experienced a lot, which means I’m going on the weekend. I’m excited about the race, but I’m experiencing so many different emotions throughout the weekend, so that’s it. I’m not so excited about the other things that surround me. ”

The Dutch driver’s victory at Silverstone was the ninth in his career, but crossing the finish line excites him.

“It’s good to win,” he said. “It can be exciting to have a good lap in qualifying. It feels great not only to be around the team and work with the mechanics, but also when they get a really good pit stop.”

Title challenge?

Verstappen finished in a difficult situation last Sunday ahead of Mercedes duo Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas.

For the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend, Verstappen is second in the drivers’ championship, 30 points behind world champion Hamilton.

But so far, this has been Mercedes’ advantage over the last 13 race seasons. The team leads Red Bull, which is second in the Constructors’ Ranking, by 67 points. Red Bull drivers didn’t expect to have a title challenge in the remaining eight races. race.

“So far, there was one race that was probably the fastest car, but not all other races, so it needs to remain realistic at this point,” Verstappen said from Barcelona. ..

“From my point of view, I’m not thinking about the possibility of a championship at this point. I want to do everything I can every weekend.”

Fight for equality

The 2020 F1 season began in July at the Austrian Grand Prix, four months behind plan due to a coronavirus pandemic.

Since the restart, drivers have participated in F1’s “We Race As One” initiative to combat racism and promote equality and inclusion.

However, Verstappen is one of the drivers who chose not to kneel before the race. Black Lives Matter Movement.
Post to Twitter Before the first race, he said: “I am very committed to the fight against equality and racism, but I am everyone at once and in a way that suits them. I believe I have the right to express. I kneel today, but I respect and support the personal choices made by all drivers. ”
F1 drivers support the Black Lives Matter movement ahead of the British Grand Prix.
Hamilton, the first and only black world champion of the sport in 70 years of history Critical to sports, He said he lacked leadership in the fight against racism.

Verstappen said the campaign is going well with five races in the season, but more needs to be done.

“The way of expression is good, but of course, the behavior is also the same. I think everyone is supporting me, so I continue to support it. This is very important. Of course, time is It will tell you what will happen. “

Verstappen was asked if he and other drivers had spoken to Hamilton about the campaign, “Of course I will talk about it. There is a driver briefing, but of course we are all members of the GPDA, so continue. (Grand Prix Drivers) Z Association).

“Everyone is very open, everyone is very supportive, everyone wants exactly the same. I think Lewis appreciates it. You have to appreciate it. Is not just Lewis, but the whole world. That’s what we’re doing. Show us your support. ”

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