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“Expedición Bio, Alto Río Igara-Paraná”, la Initiative para conocer la biodiversity de la Amazonía

MinCiencias y el Instituto SINCHI presentan ‘Bio, Alto Río Igara-Paraná’ en la Amazonía. Credit: MinCiencias

Gobierno del Presidente Gustavo Petro announced the launch of the second edition. “Expedición Bio, Alto Río Igara-Paraná”This is a proposal organized by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation in collaboration with the Instituto Amazónico de Investigaciones Científicas (SINCHI).

La actividad estará habilitada a partir del January 26, 2023 When La Chorrera, Indigenous Territory que está ubicado cerca al río Igara-Paraná en el departmentamento del Amazonas.

According to a communiqué from the Office of the President of the Republic, the initiative aims to contribute to the process of species identification and to promote biological knowledge. Amazonia”.

For the launch of “Expedición Bio, Alto Río Igara-Paraná”, they realized an investment of more than 387 million pesos. That organization included 15 scientific researchers and his 19 integrators. cabildos indigenas huitoto de Santa Rosa y San Antonioa process that enables the building of biological inventories and facilitates expedition preparation.

The project also includes a partnership with the Asociación Zonal Indígena de Cabildos y Autoridades Tradicionales de La Chorrera (Azicatch) to continue building relationships that enable continuity of scientific and community knowledge. Expected.

This initiative aims to create a social diversion of knowledge by communities living in the Colombian Amazon and to facilitate the identification of sustainable and biodiversity productive alternatives to enhance local development. increase.

We will start our first education in October 2022 with the “Expedición AgroBiodiversidad en los Montes de María: Territorios de Paz”.Consimiento de la Amazonian biodiversity.

and El Marco de la VII THE SUMMIT OF HEADS OF STATE AND GOVERNMENT OF THE COMMUNITY OF LATIN AMERICAN AND THE CARIBBEAN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (CELAC) As happened in January 2023 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, President Gustavo Petro has called on Latin American countries to work together to unite actions that will enable solutions to the climate crisis.

También se pronunció before it is obliged to recognize the potential of this region and its participation as active agents in solving global problems.

De esta manera, en su intervención destacó que los dos canales en los cuales los países must concentrate their efforts. Energetic Lympias y la Amazonía, donde este ultimo comprende un puntourgente en la agenda po el medioambiente.

One of the processes in place to make that happen is the $73.5 million in assistance Colombia received from the Inter-American Development Bank (BID), which is aimed at protecting the Amazon.

Therefore, $3.5 million will go towards building a regulatory framework to facilitate payments for environmental services in the Amazon, and the remaining $70 million will focus on strengthening the energy transition process. Arrive at Kokufu.

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