Exclusive Video: Manhattan Subway Allegedly Threatened Man Pulls Gun

New York -Police say the subway train incident led passengers to pull out their guns on Tuesday.

There was no shooting, but witnesses said Lisa Rosner Rider of CBS2 was running hard and one man was arrested.

Exclusive video shows a man on six parked southbound trains shouting “shoot a gun” to another man at a subway platform with a gun in his left hand. I am.

The NYPD says it happened at 77th Street / Lexington Avenue station just before 1:00 pm on Tuesday.

Witnesses who don’t want to name her say people were running from one subway car to another shortly before the train was moving.

“People panicked, people were screaming because you didn’t know, was it a mass shooting, or are only two people arguing?” Witnesses said.

According to police, a man with a gun approached him on the train without provoking 24-year-old Mark Alexander, who lives in Medford, Long Island. And he hinted that he had a weapon.

According to the NYPD, the former sergeant got off the train and called 911, but Alexander chased him and continued to threaten him, so he pointed his gun at him. According to police, there was no shooting, but both men were detained.

“One good thing is that the police arrived very early,” said the Witness.

Witnesses, veterans of the military, also tried to make the situation worse.

The NYPD says the former police officer was released because he was protecting himself. Alexander has been charged with menacing and reckless danger and harassment. He has been arrested three times.

This is because the latest figures show that transit crime has increased by more than 11% since this time last year.

However, according to the MTA, the number of passengers has also increased by 34% compared to last year, according to the latest figures.

In this case, witnesses say the system needs to be better.

After the incident, she didn’t go home on the subway, but she says she has no choice but to use the subway to walk around the city.

The CBS2 asked the MTA to explain what was going on to keep the rider safe on the subway. A spokeswoman introduced us to the NYPD.

This month, the Transit chief said arrests on the subway system, including gun arrests, increased.

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