Exclusive: Randall Emmett Takes Action To Prevent Him And Lala Kent’s Daughter Ocean From Filming Vanderpump Rules

Lara Kent A few days ago, he revealed on his Instagram story, one year old daughter she shares ex-fiancée Randall Emmett you won’t see it above Upcoming tenth season Also vanderpump rulesshe explains that she is determined to “protect Ocean by all means necessary.”

After Lara’s post was shared, many viewers of the popular Bravo reality series wanted to know if Randall had quit the role of Ocean.

On September 21st, a Randall representative confirmed the following: reality slogan In fact, directors and producers have taken action to prevent Ocean from appearing pump regulation.

“Randall feels that reality show storylines are not in her child’s best interests and continues to put her well-being and privacy above all else.

As pump regulation As fans may have seen, Lara joined her story on Sept. 15 to Notice of her child’s absenceand she did so with sweet photos of her little girl.

“You guys won’t see Ocean this season and you won’t see me as a mother. wants to protect Ocean by any means necessary.

Lala Kent Confirms Daughter Won't Appear in Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules

since they Split in October 2021Born amid rumors of infidelity, Lara and Randall have raised Ocean completely separately, choosing to interact only with each other. parenting app.

A few months ago, Randall their co-parenting relationship.

“We talk about Ocean and that’s what it is, and honestly, as far as talking about my daughter, that’s the most important thing,” Randall said in an episode in March. Golnesa ‘GG’ Garachedagipodcast of really GG. “I hope in the future we end up in a place that’s a bit more fluid, but we’re co-parenting and that’s it. If she’s ready to do more than what we’re doing. It doesn’t matter if you don’t.”

vanderpump rules season 10 It will premiere at Bravo later this year or early next year.

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