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Excess mortality remains high in 2022 due to Covid-19 and flu

More people of all ages died in the Netherlands last year than expected. The main causes were influenza and coronavirus. The excess mortality rate was slightly lower than in 2020 and 2021, when Covid-19 killed thousands, reports the Dutch Bureau of Statistics (CBS). The death toll in 2022 is higher than before the coronavirus pandemic, even compared to 2015 or 2018 when the flu raged.

Since the end of March 2022, more people have died than expected in almost every month of the year. The flu epidemic started in his March and lasted at least 13 weeks for him. In mid-December, a new flu wave hit the Netherlands. Additionally, about 6,500 people had died from his Covid-19 by October. We don’t yet know how many people died from the coronavirus between October and December.

Excess mortality means that more people died in a given period of time than expected based on historical figures. Periods of low mortality can also occur when the number of deaths is lower than expected. Undermortality usually follows a period of excess mortality.

The excess mortality rate was 13%, highest among people under 50 years of age. He had more deaths under the age of 50 last year than he did in 2020 and he did in 2021, when the excess mortality rate was just under 10%. Excess mortality from age 50 to her 90 was lower than in his two years of coronavirus. Unlike 2021, more men died than women last year. Almost equal numbers of men and women died in 2020. Last year’s excess mortality rates were highest in Flevorant, Drenthe and Hollands-Noorden.

A significant proportion of deaths occurred among people receiving some form of long-term care, such as residents of nursing homes and disabled care facilities. The excess mortality in this cohort was 13%, about 6% higher than the other cohorts and higher than in 2021.

The coronavirus pandemic has cut life expectancy by months. Life expectancy increased slightly again this year. Based on current data, life expectancy for men is 80.1 years for him and about 83.1 years for women. Life expectancy is 4 months less for men and 5 months less for women than in 2019, despite a slight increase compared to last year.

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