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Evil Dead Rise needed a lot of blood

Evil Dead Rise I had to put a lot of effort into completing everything because I used a lot of stage blood. Set to hit theaters on April 21, the film is the fifth film in the franchise following the Kandarian demons’ various methods of possessing and mutilating humans. The story has little to do with the rest of the franchise and follows a family whose Los Angeles apartment becomes a charnel house when Book of the Dead’s full powers are unlocked and a single mother is possessed. . .

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slash film I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Cronin to discuss some pressing issues. release of Evil Dead RiseDuring the conversation, he revealed they used more than 1,700 gallons of staged blood. The amount they needed was very fixed, sohire industrial kitchenRead his full quote below:

[It’s] All the right tacky and nasty movie blood. Just like the real thing. Don’t be fooled, drink water, or add red food coloring. Because it doesn’t work. All this was cooked. An industrial kitchen had to be hired to make the required amount of blood, and it was everywhere. yeah, that’s the real deal. and scatter across the screen.

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Evil Dead movies need more blood than your average horror tour

Bruce Campbell holds his head at a strange angle while his face is splattered with blood in Evil Dead 2

In this quote, Cronin reveals: Evil Dead Rise fits perfectly with evil dead universe. Although the story is not tightly connected to that of the original trilogy (it was followed up when star Bruce Campbell returned to the series for three seasons). Ashes vs. Guilt of the Dead) or 2013 remake evil dead, it takes a lot of blood to fit into both branches of the franchise. Even with a limited budget, every film tried to surpass its predecessor in terms of on-screen carnage.

In your average horror outing, especially the slasher subgenre, blood only unfolds when it comes to character deaths. evil death Cinema allows the human body to be pushed far beyond its normal limits. Playful yet brutal, the Candarian demon uses its limbs to shock potential victims.

One Way of evil dead remake What upped the ante was drowning the entire third act in a literal rain of the meantime Evil Dead Rise We probably won’t be recapturing that particular moment, and Cronin seems to have found plenty of ways to bring its grisly glory to the screen. is already no slouch when it comes to keeping the brutal franchise’s torch alive.

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